What Is An Alternative To “LOL” In These Languages

Nigeria has truly strange expression for this.

Have you ever wondered how international alternations of “LOL” expression might sound like?

As this type of reaction belongs to the most common ones in daily conversations, we just thought, it might be interesting for you to see different variations.

Who knows maybe one day you will get in touch with somebody from the countries mentioned below. You can use this kind of phrase when talking to your distant friends and surprise them with the “feeling” of home.


LOL alternation in Russia is xaxa, xoxo, гггггг, ололо

Russians as well as Greeks, Bulgarians, and others do not use the casual Latin alphabet. In this country is the main communication media Ελληνικό αλφάβητο, which stands for the k alphabet. In Russia “x” has a similar sound to the English “h.” This makes Russian “xaxa” sounds very similar to the English “hahaha.”

LOL alternation in Nigeria is LWKM, LWKMD

In Nigeria LWKM or LWKMD stands for “laugh wan (wants to) kill me” and LWKMD translates as “laugh wan (wants to) kill me dead.”

LOL alternations in the United States of America is haha, hehe, lol, lmao, in China 哈哈 呵呵 and for India haha, lol, hehe, ek number.

These 5 countries accumulte over 16 million internet users so your chance to use some of these is quite high. If you would like to know how to pronounce them or you would like to hear alternations from more countries, click on the video below:



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