What Is Stopping Aliens From Killing Us

These are the most popular theories why aliens are not invading us.

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Don´t ask me, who is just sitting at home and suddenly starts to think about “What is stopping aliens from killing us” type of question. Well, we know it’s a Reddit user from the very popular subreddit r/AskReddit named u/strawwberrii but why we will never know…


Aliens – more questions than answers.

Who knows if any of the alien’s portrayals throughout the filmography has been in any way accurate.

Who knows, if there are aliens captured and researched on the Earth already.

Maybe they are in Area 51 and maybe they are not.

Maybe they are walking among humans without getting noticed.

It´s totally up to you if you believe in them or not but I think, it would be too big a coincidence if we were the only ones in the whole universe.

What is stopping aliens from killing us?

These are the most upvoted contributions that appeared in this post. People really came through with creative and witty answers. Some of them are worthy of consideration for sure. Some of them are just for your pure laughs.

#1 Perhaps it’s the same reason why you haven’t walked for nine hours into the forest to set fire to a specific ant hill, why would you bother.


User Blue_Haired_Old_Lady quickly reacted with the comment “Aren’t we doing that for murder hornet nests?” You know what it means. They´re coming. They are coming for us! (dramatic tone)

#2 They have more important things to do.

Hopefully they are cool and creating a new McFlurry flavour or something…


#3 Distance.

This one probably makes the most sense so far and I am brave enough to say it will be the most reasonable one from this article.


Galaxies are so far away from each other and in spite of the fact, we can research them. We can not really be sure that different form of life needs oxygen or water to live…

#4 We’re listed as “Mostly harmless.”

I am not so sure about this one, neither is CylonsInAPolicebox who says “Not as long as the dolphins remain.”


We asked the chief of the dolphins for a comment on this matter. This what he has to say about it:


#5 What we already doing on earth is enough entertainment for them and they want to see it going.

“Why cancel your favourite show?” or put in different words “We’re a reality TV show, and they keep buying new seasons.”


There is no meme meaning hidden here. I just hate Netflix for canceling this amazing show. That´s it. If you have not seen it watch the trailer here.

#6 Maybe aliens are friendly and are more worried we will kill them.

We have seen a lot of aliens incarnations in the movies. Maybe they are cute after all.


#7 The fact that we’re really good at inventing exciting new ways of killing each other.

What else to add? Pretty well summed up…


Redditors are not scared of aliens’ invasion. They say:

Everyone has seen Independence Day.
They know how this ends, as long as we still have Will Smith

They also included this riddle in the comment section:

How much will will Will Smith smith if Will Smith could smith will?

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