What Would SpongeBob Characters Look Like If They Were Drawn As Humans?

We all know and love SpongeBob Square Pants. He is a mischievous and overly enthusiastic little sponge who lives in a pineapple at the bottom of the sea and works in a restaurant. SpongeBob is not just a cartoon character, he is also very popular in meme culture, constantly appearing on places like Reddit and 9gag. Ryan Altounji is a cartoonist who constantly visits the website Bored Panda, usually leaving comments and likes. Yet, some time ago, he has decided to show his talent to the world so he posted a series of illustrations on Bored Panda. His illustrations showed SpongeBob characters in a human form, and it turned out that fans loved them very much. They showed that by showering Altounji with likes. So, in case that you haven’t seen these illustrations already, make sure that you check them out now! Scroll down all the way to the bottom and make sure that you tell us what you think about these works in the comments. Enjoy!

#1 Squidward

#2 Patrick

#3 Sandy

#4 Gary

#5 Mr. Krabs

#6 Mrs. Puff

#7 Pearl

#8 Plankton

#9 Larry

#10 Sponge Bob


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