When Cakes Go Wrong Part I.

When the effort is not enough.

Celebrations are meant to be joyful events full of fun, good music, close people and great food (and drinks). When you are kids, your priorities are little bit different. You want to get a lot of presents, have a lot of great sweets and of course you want an amazing cake!

And cakes are what we are focusing on in this article. These are some of the people´s creations. You know what they say “intentions and effort counts” but I really don´t know with some of these.


I assume this cake was made for some little girl. She is probably a fan of The Beauty and The Beast and especially fan of Belle. There are some similarities with the original picture…but why she has that “crazy look” in her face?

Comment section:

It looks like Amy Winehouse.

Belle playing the role of both Beauty and Beast at the same time.

That looks like Geena Davis in Beetlejuice when their ghosts are dying and falling apart on the kitchen table.

What can I say except you’re welcome!

My “morning after” cake

Terrible Belle cake…but a solid attempt at Maui


I really have nothing to say about the description of the following picture. I mean…you know…Just don´t give it to the kid!

Comment section:

This doesn’t suck–it was intended for an adult.

This is isn’t bad it’s just people that have a dirty mind…

It looks like somebody raided the adult toy shop when they made that castle.

It’s been tough in isolation. I need this cake…..for errr herm, eating. Yes thats right, eating

Kinda glad they didn’t try to pop the little bit of cream on the top of the ‘towers’ as in original picture!


In the following photo, you can see a beautiful abstract cake with a nice flow of light blue, purple and dark blue colors. And something strange on the right side of it…

Comment section:

When your dog gets sick on the carpet and you just throw the whole rug away.

The Baker made this with their foot.

While it looks like a box of melted crayons was poured over the cake, let’s not overlook how beautiful the one on the left is.

It looks like one of Jupiter’s moons, Iol.


Do we have any fans of Star Wars here? Well, I guess it does not really matter whether you are fan or not you probably won´t be able to tell what is this.

Comment section:

This is the before & after pictures of darth maul when they did a “behind the music” on him after the Republic fell & he fell into 20 years of drinking & eating & self destructive behavior.

You can tell a shitton of effort went into this one. Head sculpts are hard already, head sculpting out of cake seems like pain.

Darth Maul versus the demon from Insidious..heehee.


Look at this blue little alien, that somebody tried to recreate into a cake. He seems like he eats a little bit too much nowadays. But he still manages to look cute, scary but cute.

Comment section:

Stitch really let himself go once the drugs took hold of his life.. ???? So many good actors fall victim…

What the original animator for the Sonic The Hedgehog movie would’ve done with Stitch.

“Crack means family.”

That’s stönkch not stitch


Another recreation of Disney´s popular character. This time the main focus of the cake was Elsa from Frozen. There is something scary about the second picture. I don´t know if its eyes or shape of head, but something is not right there!

Comment section:

Looks like an old lady on crack.

The best way to teach your kids the consequences of plastic surgery…

“Forever young” is just a song! You can’t be young forever!


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