When The Famous Works Of Art Are Recreated With Food

Gustav Klimt – ‘The Kiss’ (1907)

In this day and age, art can be made out of anything. Thanks to social media, people tend to do really weird stuff to gather followers on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Although most of these efforts are pure crap, sometimes these “artists” manage to create something rather unique and funny. In this article, we are going to check out some of the best works of art in human history…re-made as sandwiches. It all started on German Twitter where a user (or a group) called #KunstGeschichteAlsBrotbelag (it is translated as “art history as a sandwich,” more or less) started posting rather unique content. It turned out that the group called people to submit their works, and then it posted them online. The group and its creators gained huge popularity thanks to the quality and “uniqueness” of its content.

#1 Vincent Willem Van Gogh – ‘Starry Night’ (1889)

#2 Johannes Vermeer – ‘Girl With A Pearl Earring’ (1665)

#3 Frida Kahlo – ‘Self-Portrait With Thorn Necklace And Hummingbird’ (1940)

#4 Leonardo Da Vinci – ‘Mona Lisa’ (1503-1506)

#5 Vincent Willem Van Gogh – ‘Self-Portrait’ (1889)

#6 Hokusai – ‘The Great Wave Off Kanagawa’ (1829-1833)

#7 Sandro Botticelli – ‘The Birth Of Venus’ (1480s)

#8 Albrecht Dürer – ‘Young Hare’ (1502)

#9 Leonardo Da Vinci – ‘Vitruvian Man’ (1490)

#10 Piet Mondrian – ‘Composition II With Red Blue And Yellow’ (1930)

What do you think of these pieces of art? Which one have you the most intriguing, and which one you consider lame? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below, or even better, if you are an artist yourself, post your work in the comments, and we will create a new list!


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