When Professors Have Cool Personalities

We showed, what happens When Students Show Their Creativity. Let us show you, what happens when teachers (professors) have a cool personality. We would like to introduce you to two amazing professors of not so popular subject.

We don’t want to tell you much, because we don’t want you to lose interest, so check a brief description to lure you to the video.

Math Professor pranks his class

These are some of the best pranks we have ever seen. We wish every math professor would have a similar sense of humour.

How to Fix Projector Ccreen

Internet Connection Error

Online Math (this is the last one)

Matthew Weathers is just amazing. He is so creative and funny. AND he is doing it almost every year on April 1.

How physics should be taught

Honestly, most of the students don’t like subjects like physics, chemistry or even math, but if you had a teacher like this… We believe a lot of us would fall in love with these subjects.

Professor risking his life

Wheel Momentum

Walter Lewin shows us how passion can arouse interest in a crowd.

April Fool’s Day prank on the professor (bonus)

When students prank their professor. Or how professor rules are used against him. He stayed cool…

Let’s share your favourite situations or story with the teacher/professor. Let us know in the comments.


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