When Students Show Their Creativity

Imagination should be evolving, not to be held back. These students show us how.

Even if you don’t know the right answer to a teacher’s question, don’t give up! Use your imagination and try to make something up, something that makes your teacher smile during the test correction.
You can become a classroom or school hero, or in some cases even an internet legend like the people in our article.

Nr. 1: Kids these days are so clever, they don’t need any help from smart devices.

source: reddit/u/epicnesshunter

Nr. 2: Wait, is it just so simple to change measurements?

source: reddit/u/PictureHelper

Nr. 3: Peter, you are a math genius! Simple and quick solution.

source: reddit/u/PictureHelper

Nr. 4: Hope, I will always remember that square is BOB!

source: reddit/u/PictureHelper

Nr. 5: This happens, when the task is not specified properly.

source: reddit/u/PictureHelper

Nr. 6: Ice, ice baby. Hard water, Hard water baby.

source: reddit/u/epicnesshunter

Nr. 7: …and they look so innocent.

source: reddit/u/PictureHelper

Nr. 8: Every document is signed at the bottom – What a weird question.

source: reddit/u/epicnesshunter

Nr. 9: When the one hour = eternity. Is it a compliment or not?

source: reddit/u/PictureHelper

Nr. 10: Only one machine gun to defend answer? So, pathetic defence up!

source: reddit/u/asianbutnoasian

Bonus: Yes, you can, but you shouldn’t. Stick to the math not the meth!

source: reddit/u/real_michaelrosen

Let us know, what happened to you or what happened to your friend in the comments below.


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