When the Live Broadcast Has Unexpected Visitors

News are a serious form of presenting information to the population. Not every day is “Sunday”. Not every live broadcast always going according to plans. From time to time there are moments, like the ones mentioned below, where some unexpected situations occures. We are not talking about the wrong graphic, malfunctioning technique or wordplays. We mean unexpected “VISITORS” in the form of children or pets.

What to do in these types of situations? You need to stay calm and keep doing what have you been doing!

Mom saves the situation like a BOSS

This is probably the most famous interview interrupted by kids. Both parents make a great job, but mom …

I will redesign your office, now!

You need to have this unicorn in your office. Where to put it?

One, two or three biscuits?

Mommy, I want two biscuits, right know! You will inform them later about David.

Kid interrupts weather report to share the important message

There are going to be farts everywhere, and toots.

Mom, I want to be a reporter

I will take the mic…

Let’s play catch! 

Mom, I am coming! … I got you! … I am tired … Hold me for a minute.

Let me talk! You play, I talk!

NFL players giving interviews with their kids. On the sports field, they are the kings, but off the field, their kids take all the glory.

(BONUS) Multitasking 2.0

It’s only a parody! …but we don’t know what happens when the cameras go off.

Dogs interrupted weather report

When our four legs friends enjoy being in the spotlight!

Let us know which ones are your favourite.


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