When Things Look Like Other Things

Interesting how some things show up when you don´t expect them.

Have you ever just laid on the grass in the park, and suddenly the friend next to you said “look at that cloud, it looks like…”?

A moment like these captured in photos, which is a reference for the subreddit called “Pareidolia.” This subreddit introduces its content as, “these are the pictures of things, that are recognizable as other objects.”

I personally have seen road bumps, that looked like different objects, everything from ghosts and monsters to heart and so on… These things might appear in your daily life.

Sometimes you might notice them and sometimes you just casually overlooked them. Sometimes people might point you to them or you might point them, without successfully seeing different objects. All of these states are fine, but I think you will successfully spot the objects in these photos:

Minecraft Trump

Just a basic box, thrown out in the French garbage can, upside down. This one worked out really well and I am sure it put smiles on a lot of people faces walking by.

Posted byu/GarbageTrumpster

But it actually looks like a Lego Trump.


I had to hide title because I would like you to see the picture first and guess, what is the different object portrayed on it. Take a couple of seconds to guess and then scroll down for a picture.

Posted byu/OMGLMAOWTF_com

What was your guess?


The correct answer is Patrick Stewart! I apologize for the bad picture, but if you know this actor you know exactly which one of his faces is a puppy on the photo above making.


“You thought I was a dog? Acting!”

DAMN, he can play any part!

Face in the Sky

Art on sky is so random, but so beautiful!

Posted byu/Petaaa

After watching this photo for a while, it reminds me of the boss from the Disney feature Moana (or Dormammu from Doctor Strange).


Buffalo at the Dentist

Dentists belong to one of the scariest professions in the world. Not for the people who perform it, but for the rest of us who visit them. Having any distraction is always a good thing.

Starring Face

Posted under the caption: My brother: you can’t post this, it won’t even get 10 upvotes.


Posted byu/SenpaiKai

Car Smoking a Cigarette While Taking A Selfie

“Silly car, your cigarette is upside down!”

Posted byu/nirvanna94

Angry Tree

When the picture speaks for itself.

Posted byu/artgeek02

And if you think you already watched this picture in detail and seen all of its secrets, I have something for you – its chest is angry too!

Weird Animal

Look at this photo of Tiger carpet. Can you spot anything strange?

Posted byu/fusrohdiddly

Did you get it? The trick is, there is nothing wrong with tiger. There is something wrong with that angry otter!


When you buy binoculars, but they are actually the puppy eyes of Disney´s WALL-E.

Posted byu/23-TRH-23

Have you just done “Awwww?”

Pikachu Meme Box

After waking up in the gutter, covered in his own vomit, Mr. Box took a moment to reflect on his life choices.

Except the bearded guy the very next thought I had after seeing this one was:


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