When You Watch Too Much “Pimp My Ride”

Some of these are too much.

While the car might be just a regular transport tool, many people simply love their ride. It becomes a part of their lifestyles. Sometimes you can define drivers’ personality by the way they drive, the other times just by WHAT they drive. Less is sometimes more, and these examples of car tunings are excellent proof of this.

All of the posts have been contributed for a subreddit r/Shitty_Car_Mods, which focuses on the most obscure vehicles you can find out there. Not only the obscure creations but also funny car moments will be included for your pleasure and laughs.

Low modded car vs Uphill

While most low-modded cars have one of the most luxurious designs, they drive smoothly in turns and hold very nicely; they have one tremendous weakness. Look at this black sport´s car trying to go through just a regular speedbump to an uphill. For video, click on the photo below!

Michael Jordan x Taillight

Have you heard about the new brand deal between MJ and broken taillights? The key features of this high-profiled product include – basketball, ducktape, and hole!


Creative Sticker

Honda´s exhaust pipes are not so extraordinary at first sight. Once you see this “sticker improvement” you will never be able to unsee it! Who knew Honda´s could be connected to your new PS5!


Self-humor is always important, and even though it is just a small detail, it looks great! If you want to check out a “sticker artist” who does similar things, click on our article here!

ECO Monster

“Is that carpet or moss or grass or what?

There’s a part of me that wants to pet it… not gonna lie.”


“You might have heard of Nascar… Now introducing Grasscar”

“You can be anything you want”

Welcome on board!


Parking Sensor

Who needs a fancy supercomputer in their car? If you know, you know! Best parking sensor system of 2020! 100% efficiency guaranteed.


Apple or?

What is that? What the hell is that!



Ladies and gentlemen, do we have here a prototype of a future car? While it looks bizarre, I can not resist the temptation of trying to drive it. Parking this thing must be so annoying but a great way to make road trips with 8 people. Ehm Ehm, or maybe get a van!


Rainwater Collector

While this one is another extreme tuning idea, I wonder what this car sounds like. It looks like a giant robot tried to grab this car, and his arms were torn apart in the middle…



The last “Pimp my ride” photo is related to the gear stick. Just look at it for yourself.



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