Which Two Popular Characters He Merged?

Artist Samuel Chevé emerges two popular characters together. Can you guess them?

Samuel Chevé is a very mysterious artist in the field of graphic designs from Paris, France. His profile has over 74 000 followers and his posts get attention from all around the world.


Samuel on his work

In the interview with Boredpanda, Samuel described his approach to work. He talked about how he tries to merge characters with the same personality or the same power. The backbone of his merges is to find some way how to connect two characters into one. Small hint Samuel loves Comic-book characters and Disney characters!


Intro to Quiz

We have decided to write about him because his work is very original and on a truly amazing level! Samuel is a creative genius and we wanted to do something creative about his work. The concept of this “article” is that it will not be an ordinary article. We have presented an article/quiz format last week with the article Blockbuster Movie Classics Posters As Quiz and we want to do the same here.

Two Popular Characters Merge Quiz

Rules are very simple, I provide you with already merged photo. It will be up to you to guess, which two characters have been merged to create it. You have 15 seconds to answer.

I think everything is clear and we can dive into it! Good luck and have fun!

1 Which two characters are merged on the photo below?

We start of very easy. You have a big hint on the left side so I think you´ll get this one within a second!



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