YouTuber From Thailand Pranks Animals With A Stuffed Tiger Toy

In order to gain millions of followers on Social Media, you need to be innovative and creative…or at least funny as hell. A Thailand-based YouTuber has gained fame by pranking animals with a stuffed tiger toy. This video has registered millions of views and it shows him placing a fake tiger next to unsuspecting animals and filming their reaction to it. The fake tiger prank videos have been uploaded on the YouTube channel ‘Angel Naga’. In one of his videos, he was pranking a monkey, and here’s how the animal reacted:

Popular on YouTube (4 million views), this video was posted on some other Social Media platforms as well, gaining success along the way. A few days ago, the YouTuber posted another video, and this time, it was cats and dogs who were pranked in the same way as the monkey was.

The second video is also quite popular, it boasts over 2 million views on YouTube. Many viewers found these videos to be quite funny, while others wondered how city animals got so scared of the “tiger.”


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